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Who says you need to sell your soul to a record label

to make a living as a musician?

Grow Your Music Career Without the Pitfalls

The DIY Rock Career was created to help musicians just like you who may struggle with the business and management side of working in the music industry.

Whether it is marketing your music online, knowing whether you even make money after expenses or even just knowing what your goals are for yourself and your music, it is imperative that you take your music seriously and start treating it like a small business.

Don’t worry, there is still a LOT of room leftover to have fun with it!

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Have Fun Making Music and Systemize Your Growth

You may know how to write a great song or rip off a sweet solo, but do you know how to properly launch your new music or plan a tour so you don’t lose money?

A lot of bands just take a loss and chalk it up to “lessons learned.”

You shouldn’t have to lose money, or at the very least, you should LIMIT any losses you take on your journey as a musician so that you can enjoy the ride while you work towards making a living through your music.

Work Directly with Other Musicians to Simplify Tasks

Ever try to find a venue that will book you in a city that you’ve never played in?

Yeah, it can be an absolute pain in the ass to convince someone to take a shot on a musician or band that they don’t know, because “sales” and “notoriety” for musicians is a bit of a minefield these days with everything being online. Followers don’t equate to attendance necessarily.

The best solution we have found is to network with musicians and promoters in those cities to create a solid lineup that will drive attendance and get you paid. That way you don’t drive across the state or country on a whim.

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Create the music career you want by getting started today!